Serious in moderation

I recently read Steve Heimoff’s blog about James Suckling and how, essentially, Mr. Suckling and those like him are everything that is wrong with the public image of wine. Mr. Heimoff is much more enthusiastic about expressing his frustrations than I am but we can agree on quite a few points. There has been a trend or dare I say “Renaissance” in the wine business towards a less pretentious more open source relationship between the industry and the public. The Gary Vaynerchuk hosted winelibrary tv show is a great example of this. I too have embraced this refreshing approach to wine, I’ve already noted a much more adventurous and educated wine consuming public just in the past 3-5 years. Unfortunately because of this folks become confused with taking wine seriously and taking wine to seriously. If no one ever took mathematics seriously, where would we be? What about art and poetry? Approaching the study of wine with focus and intention is a good thing as long as it is balanced with some simple fun. You do not have to be pretentious or alienate the public to take a serious approach to wine. Yes, let’s all have fun enjoying wine and celebrating it but let’s also be sure to admire its depth, complexity and integration into who we are as people. Cheers!

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  1. Matt B says:

    Great post David! I couldn’t agree more. Wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed with people. So much of the beauty of wine is in the experiences it facilitates. I would take a $2 bottle of wine and a hand full of friends over $2,000 bottle of wine all by myself any day.

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