2019 Mercedes-Benz SL 450 Owners Manual

2019 Mercedes-Benz SL 450 Owners Manual – The 2019 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is a large, pricey two-doorway cruiser with a shrinking objective in the brand’s lineup. Other models like the AMG GT are faster, while the S-Class is a more skilled cruiser.

In spite of that, the SL-Class provides a range of engine choices and a very first-class interior, topped off with a heavens-substantial price label. The SL inspections in at 7.2 out of 10 on our scale general.

2019 Mercedes-Benz SL 450

2019 Mercedes-Benz SL 450

With a starting price of nearly $90,000, the SL450 will be the most favored car in the collection. It will get a 362-horsepower V-6 and sub-5 2nd -60 mph time. The SL550 provides in a 449-hp V-8 for $20,000, which will buy a fairly nice used car in many locations by itself.

If you have $150,000 on the budget for an AMG-tweaked version, the SL63 has your rear with 577 horsepower, politeness a 5.5-liter V-8. The SL65 provides a V-12 and 621 hp to the party for a spending budget-conscious price of $223,000.

The SL has a long historical past of carrying a distinct appearance however with solid recommendations to the model’s lineage. Now in its thirdly model year following a minor invigorate in 2017, the 2019 SL-Class is no exception to this rule. We price it 7 out of 10 for the sleek, athletic outlines.

A taller front end, oversized grille, and enormous atmosphere dams assist set the tone for the SL’s form, helped by the tweaks produced in 2017 that introduced a more aggressive check out its encounter.

The SL-Class’ user profile is one that honors its roots as a grand tourer, however, the car’s description is a little bit out of proportion with the top-up. With the leading lower, the silhouette comes into focus and the equilibrium of the car is a lot more, well…balanced.

The SL’s interior is elegant and straightforward, more so than the new S-Class, and the SL has lots of types. Mercedes is taking the very same strategy throughout the cabin, with the SL’s dash and option layout positioning work above form.

The SL’s center console is embellished by a small stub of a shift knob that, while assisting to open the room a bit, only causes us to want a guide transmission a lot more. In other places, the leather-based features two series of sewing and the SL wears more than adequate stainless to shame an entire problem of Lowrider Journal.

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