2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual – Rumors of the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual‘s death have been greatly exaggerated since the old van is sticking about, at least for the 2020 model year. This is the cheapest way to make yourself a brand new minivan, but before you do, we might recommend asking yourself if that is what you want.

Grand Caravan, literally, from another decade and provides zero driver-assistance attributes that are commonly standard between its more modern-day rivals. The identical can be said of its infotainment system, which lacks an intuitive interface and aggressive hardware. What the Grand Caravan offers, although, is a handy and hard-working interior with regular Stow ‘n Go following row seats, a durable (read: plasticky) interior, and a bargain price.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual

What is New for 2020?

Remaining to languish for another model year, the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual soldiers on using the minor updates: the midrange SE. In addition, the model will come standard with second-row captain’s chairs, an eight-way energy driver’s seat, and red accent stitching to distinguish the black upholstery. A Blacktop Appearance deal is now optional on equally the SE Plus and SXT models. Or else, the Grand Caravan is unchanged for 2020, but Dodge has announced that it will likely be discontinued right after this model year.

Should you be considering a 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual versus a single of its more present-day rivals, you are very likely looking for a deal, so we’d play it low cost and go together with the mid-range SE Plus. It is, nonetheless, pretty basic. However, it offers essentials, including automatic headlamps, Bluetooth connectivity, and Stow ‘n Go second-row seats. Should you be trying to find more, it’d be wise to look elsewhere; the Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey both cost far more but supply present-day driver-assistance attributes and even more luxuries than this budget van.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Regardless of trim level, there is indeed one particular powertrain choice: a naturally aspirated 283-hp V-6 mated into a six-speed automated transmission. Offering familiarity overall in all, the proven powertrain has no secrets to tell. The Grand Caravan’s engine emits a startling baritone growl despite the pedestrian pedigree as the driver presses the gas pedal deeply. Unfortunately, exhaust notes will not translate into surprising performance, as the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual returned the slowest zero-to-60-mph time of all the recent minivans we’ve analyzed. That said, it truly is over sufficient for your task at hand.

Although the six-speed transmission suffers a little gear envy using competitors’ eight-, nine-, and 10-speed automatics, it shifts smoothly. It rarely makes a fuss, the exception becoming its reluctance to downshift during passing maneuvers. Likewise, the trip’s high quality and handling are innocuous, except for the occasional harsh jolting in the chassis from more substantial road imperfections. Physique roll is managed admirably for any top-heavy automobile, along with the Grand Caravan feeling poised by means of corners and relaxed when cruising.

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Fuel Financial system and Real-World MPG

Considering the number of gray whiskers on its carryover powertrain, it arrives as no surprise the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual‘s EPA fuel-economy estimates lag behind those of most of its far more present-day rivals. It did explicitly poorly inside our real-world freeway fuel-economy check, registering just 22 mpg—less than the 25-mpg EPA rating—at a steady 75 mph for 200 miles. Adding insults to inefficiency, Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna all defeat their EPA estimates by at least 2 mpg. At the same time, in the same take a look at.

Interior, Convenience, and Cargo

Not a lot of cars tend to be more sensible than a minivan for people and cargo carrying, and although that’s nonetheless true in the Grand Caravan, it truly is more accurate than its rivals. And that is okay since the Grand Caravan offers a commanding outward view, a lot of cargo space, and ample small-item storage throughout the cabin. The Dodge’s party piece? Its trick rear seats fold up into an underfloor trash can when not in use and turn the Grand Caravan into a slotted cargo carrier.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual shares its brilliant Stow ‘n Go system with all the Chrysler Pacifica. Although the standard folding third row retracts into a cavity aft from the seat, the available second-row folding chairs disappeared neatly into the storage area under the floor. With all seats folded, the sizeable flat load floor makes it easy to transport bulky cargo—and not weighty centers require pulled out to perform the transformation.

Infotainment and Connectivity

We commend Dodge for offering an infotainment system by using a 6.5-inch screen and auxiliary input as regular products, but within this case, less will be more. This system is so ancient that even a basic AM/FM radio can be more straightforward and gratifying.

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