2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 Owners Manual

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 Owners Manual – The lover wants to know if it’s an actual Mercedes, one that’s worthy of wearing its 3-directed celebrity among stalwarts like the GLS, GLE, and our 2017 SUV of the Year, the GLC.

Will it drive like a Mercedes, despite the fact that it’s a front-wheel-drive design? Meanwhile, the wise buyer wants to determine the GLB is like a Mercedes on the inside of if it’s a value, and whether there’s room for all their needs.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250

These are honest questions to ask. This is only Mercedes’ second crack at a front-travel SUV. It’s also using a chance by mating a compact footprint with 3 series of seats.

Let’s just get the latter out of the way: The third row is optionally available, and it’s for kids only. Why even offer you it, then? Because it’s an excellent offering undertaking to get all of your school-operate carpools in a Mercedes SUV for a price range price.

As buyers at each price stage turn their eyes away from minivans and towards Sports utility vehicles, particularly luxury kinds, it’s a marketplace segment just waiting to be offered.

Similar to its primary competitors, the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Volkswagen Tiguan, the GLB’s third row is for emergency situations only-so don’t depend on it a lot. The sliding and reclining 2nd-row seats will see a lot more use, plus they have lots of room for adults, almost grownup youngsters, and car-seat-sure kids as well.

The front side seats, as constantly, will receive the greatest workout, and they’re up for this, staying cozy after 400-plus kilometers on the highway (unlike the too-slim, as well-organization versions in the mechanically very similar CLA-Class sedan).

If you’re cross-shopping the CLA- or A-Class sedans, you’ll locate the GLB’s forward cabin normally familiar. The instrument board and center pile are doppelgängers, and you’ll notice numerous of the very same features.

Consent to a sufficient price at the dealership, and you can get a mixture of adaptive cruise control, sophisticated lane maintenance, and the navigation information that features almost as properly as Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot.

Initialize vacation cruise, and it’ll sluggish the vehicle for sides, manage stop-and-go visitors, and alter lanes when you activate a transform signal. It’ll even show a forwards-looking video feed on the infotainment display screen and overlaid reminder arrows pointing you into the next waypoint (even though a bit delayed in the procedure).

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