All New Honda CRV 1.5 L Turbo Vs Hyundai Tuscon, Which One The Best?

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After you see the title, maybe you will complain. Why that two type of car that has the different engine will compare? Okay, that cars surely have the different engine. But, you need to know that both have the similarities. First, the genre of dimensions and design are in the same of SUV class. The second, the most striking are both glorifying the ability of the tour. So, stay tuned with this article and you will know that they both have the similarities and differences.

All New Honda CRV

All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo is offered by two versions, prestige and standard stypes. Introduced at 2007 in International Motor Show Exhibition, the All-New Honda CRV immediately managed to become the main magnet of that exhibition and get the award as the Best Car by Visitors choice. Rely on 1.5 L DOHC with the engine of 4 cylinders and DBW valve. The peak power that can produce 5.600 rpm with the maximal torque until 240Nm. Even this car only supported by a 1. 498 cc capacity engine, but this All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo able to surpass the torsional moment and power of the peak of All New Honda CRV versions. For the first time this All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo is offered with the standard type 466 million IDR and the prestige type 506 IDR.

All New Tucson Crdi EVG Turbo

This one of SUV has the largest engine torque in that class until 400 Nm. All with this rivals above, the All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo managed to become the Hyundai best-selling vehicle model in 2017. All New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo won two prestigious awards at International Motor Show Exhibitions 2017. The engine power can burst peak power up to 179 PS. Well, it’s inferior to all New Honda CRV that the engine only has less than 1.500 ccs.

Because the matter of acceleration capabilities associated with twisting moments, the engine of the All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo is capable of bursting torque of up to 400 Nm. The machines do not need to work hard when facing a state of stop and go, overtake other vehicles or when driving on hills. If you are interested, this All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo has the price tag more than 450 million IDR.

Both of these SUV’s requires the highest fuel type intake according to their respective specs. All new Honda CRV 1.5 L should use the same type of fuel such as Pertamax Turbo. While the Hyundai New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo uses Pertamina DEX. This goes back to the question of the general suggestions in The Indonesian community about the resale values and brand names, but in the class of car that has the price above 300 million IDR above the qualifications of smart car buyers in the country is increasing.

Some factors such as the vehicle needs, safety, comfort, security factors, quality and number of features, the warranty of readiness of after-sales service, the genuine parts, the efficiency of fuel consumption, the leading vehicle design, and all the other lists are certainly a consideration. Without the need to mention the exact number, but you must have been knowing that Honda cars grew the fastest compared to other brands. The number that is closest to Toyota. And how about Hyundai? There are least two things that can make the consumers stay safe buying New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo that has the buyback guarantee program for the initial 3 years ownership.