Have You Heard about Lexus Before?

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Nowadays, if you would like to buy a new car, it will be better if you pick one of the best manufacturers. While buying the car from a well-known manufacturer, you will get what you paid. It means you can get the best quality for the price you have paid. As if you would like to buy a premium car, try to buy it from Lexus and learn to about tips buy a new car.

What Is It?

Do you know about Lexus cars? Well, if you work or have interested in automotive fields, you may know well about this company. You can see their products spread around the world!

Well, Lexus is a division of luxury vehicle from the Japanese automaker Toyota. In Japan, you can say Lexus as Rekusasu. Its brand is sold in more than 70 territories and countries worldwide. It also becomes the largest selling products of premium cars.

Its headquarter is located in Nagoya, Japan and has operational centers in Plano, Texas, Belgium, and Brussels. This company was established 29 years ago or in 1989. Then, if you are interested to buy premium and luxurious car, why don’t you buy one of Lexus cars?

The Best Models of Lexus Cars

As as the other manufacturers do, Lexus creates new models every year. While you want to buy them, you can get a long list of its produced cars. Well, from those cars, there are some best Lexus models which can create more elegant and marvelous.

Do you want to know what they are? Check this out!

Lexus CT 200H

The Lexus CT model becomes the best world hybrid electric vehicles. It is sold in the market starting from 2011. CT itself stands for Creative Touring. Thus, it features with the 2.0-liter engine with four-cylinder petrol engine which produces the power up to 134 horsepower.

It comes with four driving modes that you can choose such as Eco, EV, Sport, and Normal modes. The safety features in this car like Vehicle Proximity Notification System, eight standard airbags, vehicle stability control, telematics systems, and more.

The price of this Lexus CT 200H is around $31,250. It might be different from a country to another. It depends on tax rates on each country.

Lexus IS XE20

It is the second generation of Lexus IS line. It has four-door and has been marketed since 2006. It comes with D-4S Direct Injection System and V6 petrol engine.

It features with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Adaptive Front Lighting System, High Resolution of 7 inches Touchscreen, Electric Power Streaming, and more. The other important features in this Lexus models are Electroluminescent Display Lighting, Leather Seats, and more. If you are interested to buy this car, just prepare for about $38,000 or more is better.

Lexus HS 250H

It is the first generation of HS line and has begun to sell starting from 2009. It is a sedan with a hybrid compact. It is powered by four engine and 2.4 liter 2AZ-FXE which can work alongside with electric generator. Together, it produces 187 horsepower.

It is featured with Exhaust Heat Recovery System to help cooling down the engine. It has many luxurious features like Infotainment System, Pop Up Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent High Beam, and more. If you want to buy this car, provide for $35,000 or more.

Those are the best models of Lexus cars of all time. If you would like to buy one of them, you might prepare more money because some of them are not produced anymore. Just pick one of the best Lexus models based on what you like. It helps you to point out the best one.