Let’s Buy Chevrolet Silverado Car

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Don’t you know? There are various types and models of pick-up truck cars, as like the sport, SUV, sedan, and more types of cars. If you need a pick-up truck car, you can consider buying a Chevrolet Silverado. As we know, Chevrolet is one of the famous manufacturers around the world. They have sold their products worldwide.

Why You Should Buy Silverado?

While looking for the best pick-up truck car, it will be so much better if you do some research toward its company, like this one. You need to know about what kind of engine that you get, the features inside of the pick-up truck, and how many lbs you can take with you.

To make you get the best deals of taking up the pick-up truck, you need to consider more Chevrolet Silverado. Why? It is one of Chevrolet products which are trusted by many people around the world. They have proved that the Chevrolet products are worth to buy so as this one.

Get Know More about Its Company

Chevrolet or Chevy or Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company is an American manufacturer of automobile division. Its headquarter is located in Detriot, Michigan, the U.S. It was established since 107 years ago or in 3rd November 1911.

Besides the trucks, they also produce commercial vehicles and automobiles. You can find these company products around the world except in Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, South Africa, and South Asia.

Comes With New Design Every Year!

As like the other manufacturers, the Chevrolet also comes with the new design, machine, engine, features, every year. They always upgrade the last models to the new one. It is to make the customers get satisfied with their products.

They will make differences between the last and the latest model of car. They will adjust it with the trend car of a year from its interior design, engine, until the exterior one. Hence, if you have more money, it will be better to wait for the latest model of this car.

The Newest Chevrolet Silverado

As if you would like to buy the new Chevrolet Silverado, you need to buy for the redesign one. The release date is in the beginning year of 2019. You can get the full-size pickup trucks which blend with excellent performance. You will get the best quality inside of trucks and make it feels so comfy while driving it on the road.

It features with powerful V8 engines and rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive options which can produce 285 to 420 horsepower. You can get 5 passenger seats with the comfy and expensive seats. The new Silverado will have a larger cabin and bed. It has a higher maximum payload for nearly 3,000 pounds and the towing capacity can load over 12,000 pounds.

It has new features like Surround-View Parking Camera, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rearview Camera Mirror, Head-Up Display, Driver Assistance, Infotainment Tech, Forward Collision Alert, Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking, and many more.

For the Silverado, seats come with Regular Cab models and Double and Crew Cab models. Instead of getting a standard bench, you can get the front bucket seats. In the Cab styles, all shapes and sizes of passengers have more space room whether they sit up in the back or in the front.

In their new Silverado, you will see deeper and wider beds. It becomes the largest bed in its class. You will have three length options for your bed. The options are 8-foot, 5-foot-8inch, and 6foot-6inch. There are also several features you can get in this new Silverado like Power Tailgate which make easier to haul cargo, Lockable Bins, and Tie-Down Points.

While you are inside of this new Silverado, you will get 8 inches of HD Touch Screen and Navigation, Wireless Device Charging, Three Additional USB Ports, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Satellite Radio, Seven-Speaker Bose Audio System, and Sunroof. It makes you can enjoy your day in this car.

There are many more features you can get in this new Chevrolet Silverado. If you buy this one, you will get a basic warranty for three-year per 36,000 miles and get the powertrain warranty for five years per 60,000 miles.